Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Day After...

We just had a 2x drop probability event combined with all polymorphs unlocked for a week.

Here were some drops from before the event...

These were the drops during the drop event...

Then we did a lot of Lastavard and these were the best drops... (still during drop event)

We did not get to run 4f much because some blood pledge was there and threatened to call for backup if we stayed. :( We thought along the way getting to 4f was harder than usual that day with rooms full of monsters that were already Cursed. Turns out to be some people's doing because they did not want visitors.

Then the day after the drop event... (notice the first drop)

I do not even remember why we decided to check out Ice Caves but we are glad we did. :) Weird how we did not get anything during the event and got one of the better drops afterward.

Got a Grim solo, nothing special.

That is it for now. Have fun and good drops!



  1. Staff of Ashy!! belong to me now!! muwahahahaha!!

  2. Wow nicE drop!! I forgot he had chance to drop demon staff